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   The British Columbia Chamber Executives Society!  BCCE is a membership organization of Chamber professionals which offers education, resources and support among managers of Chambers of Commerce and Boards of Trade in British Columbia. BCCE is your source for information, guidance and mentorship when it comes to  managing your Chamber.
As a member of BCCE, you will have the opportunity to . . .

  • Connect to a strong, knowledgeable and cohesive network of 70+ Chamber executives from all over British Columbia. I’ve attached a membership roster so that you have a list of your colleagues across the province.  You’ll see the roster also includes a listing of the BCCE Board of Directors should you wish to contact any of our leadership group for advice. You can also connect with BCCE members on our Facebook group at this link

  • Access world class training and skill development opportunities to support high performance. We typically hold an in-person conference in the spring in conjunction with the BC Chamber AGM and virtual offerings during the year. You will now receive communications on all upcoming events. Be sure to check out our virtual Coffee Chats to regularly connect with your peers!

  • Tap in to great informational resources. The BCCE Manual for Senior staff  is a wealth of information on chamber management complete with templates that you can use in your own chamber. A separate email will be sent with the manual and further details.

  • Enhance the profile of you and your Chamber by being part of an influential and professional organization recognized for excellence in Chamber management training.


   Your membership in BCCE is an investment in enhancing your professional effectiveness and we look forward to your participation.   If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Shelley Morris at 204-795-2000 or   

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