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Thanks to all that have already registered for Chamber 1.0, we appreciate your enthusiasm! (see updated dates below)

If you missed the September 9th email below, see complete details on the attached and register at

A few changes and updates in responses to questions we’ve received. . .

  1. It has been brought to our attention that the sessions scheduled for October 8 and 15 conflict with some BC Chamber regional consultations. To ensure that members can attend both, we have been able to reschedule Chamber 1.0 – new dates, still at 11:30 to 1:00, are:

  2.  Wednesday, October 7 (instead of October 8)

       Friday, October 16 (instead of October 15)



  • Thursday, September 24

  • Thursday, October 1

  • Wednesday, October 7

  • Friday, October 16

Please be sure to update your schedules!

  1. Can staff attend? – Yes, as long as approved by manager

  2. Can executives with more than 3 years attend? – Yes, with the event being virtual, we have no space restrictions!

  3. What if I can’t attend one of the dates? - The sessions are being recorded so make a note in the comments section of the registration form and the recording can be sent to you.

  4. Can volunteers attend? - No, Chamber 1.0 is for chamber executives only - it is not intended for volunteers. (But Deb McClelland/Onboard Training also does board training if your Chamber wishes to contract with her separately for that)

  5. Please note - no event confirmation is being sent out, you should add to your schedule at the time of registering. Connection information and reminder will be sent the week of the event.

  6. Chamber 101 is designed for Chamber execs who have been on the job for three years or less, the program will provide the core fundamentals of chamber management and enable you to be more effective and efficient in your position.

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