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Monday June 6, 2022
  • 4:00 pm and on: Registration Open - Lobby (Courtyard Marriott)

  • 5:00 p.m.   Welcome Social 

  • 6:00 p.m. BCCE Gala and President's Opening remarks

  • 6:30 pm:  Dinner

  • 8:00 pm:  DANCING


Tuesday, June 7/ 2022
  • 7:15 am:     Optional pay your own in person coffee chat

  • 8:00 am:    Breakfast & AGM

  • 8:50 am:    STRETCH BREAK

  • 9:00 am:    Professional Development Workshop with Brent Barootes: The New                             World of Sponsorship for a Chamber – Generating More Revenue                                    Through Understanding the Landscape

  • 11:55 am:   STRETCH BREAK

  • 12:00 pm:  Lunch 

  • 1:00 pm:     Keynote presentation with Brent Barootes: - Creating a Sales
  •                      Culture in Your Chamber

  • 1:45 pm:     STRETCH BREAK

  • 2:00 pm:    Workshop with Deb McClelland of OnBoard Training

  • 2:45 pm :     STRETCH BREAK

  • 3:00 pm:    Member speed networking

  • 4:00 pm:    Adjourn


The New World of Sponsorship for a Chamber – Generating More Revenue Through Understanding the Landscape, with Brent Barootes

We are living in a new world. Even before COVID our daily lives and business operations and that of our members have evolved faster than ever in the history of business. Do you remember when the “fax” was one of the most important tools in your office. Heck for some of you Chamber Executives (or your staff) you may be asking what is a fax? Then came the internet, then digital integration, social media, apps, ZOOM, virtual events and now even the return of the QR code. Add in a pandemic which shut down your members businesses and now returning to a “new normal” and it is chaos. And how does this all affect your Chamber and your sponsorship revenue opportunities? This half day experience will look high level at the process of corporate sponsorship opportunities for Chambers of Commerce and how to ensure it makes more money! We will investigate from prospecting to renewal and everything in between and how they have changed (or not) and what this new world looks like and how that affects revenues. How can your Chamber better embrace the world of digital assets, apps, activations that drive data and information for you and your partners. Executives will leave this session with a better understanding of what the new world (both post COVID effects and technology and old fashion face to face integration)  successfully operates under. The session will integrate video, group discussion, content delivery and take away insights and knowledge to produce incremental revenue for the Chamber.

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Brent Barootes-001267.jpg

Keynote Speaker

Creating a Sales Culture in Your Chamber  with Brent Barootes

Let’s face it. Your Chamber is all about selling. You cannot get revenue without sales! Whether it is selling memberships, getting sponsors, filling seats at a conference or gala or convincing members to host a Business After Hours or to set up a booth at an event, you and your Chamber are a selling organization. But just because you are in the sales business does not mean your Chamber really has a proper “sales culture”. Do Board members resist having to go out and ask people for money or memberships? Does you staff cringe when you ask them to sell sponsorships or such? If so, it might be partially due to the culture. This session will outline how your Chamber can truly build an exciting and supportive sales culture to deliver long and short-term success.

OnBoard Training

Board Engagement 

Over the years, Deb’s passion has been to assist boards in realizing their potential by travelling around the country teaching numerous workshops on the subject. 


Deb has served on many boards, including national and provincial boards, for over thirty-five years.  She also worked as Executive Director at the Kamloops Chamber of Commerce for nineteen years, supporting her board of directors as they transitioned to a solid governance model. Within all these experiences, she came to realize that governance, when done right, could be fun and easy.  That is why she has developed templates, examples and exercises for boards to follow so that they can easily adopt the various aspects of good governance!


Deb has been recognized as Executive of the Year and Chamber of the Year by her provincial network and Executive of the Year by the Chamber of Commerce Executives of Canada. Most recently, she was appointed to the Council of Excellence by a panel of her peers across the country and appointed as Fellow of the BC Chamber of Commerce.

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